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Pak•n•Sak is a full-service Plastic Bag Dispenser product development company. What does that involve?.....


First and foremost, we utilize our unique and patented “Push & Release” dispensing system with all of our products. This means that whether the final product is our design or integrated with a partners product, dispensing plastic bags you get for free at your favorite retail outlet are “always at your fingertips”.


Second, we offer our business partners a streamlined approach to integrating the “Push & Release” technology into their product line via our state-of-the-art Solids Modeling capability utilizing engineering expertise that spans a very broad range of industries. In other words….No need to hire an engineer to incorporate the bag dispensing concept into your product, we can take care of that.


Thirdly, our constant attention to developing the kind of relationship with our customers and business partners that focuses on offering the most practical and flexible product design to everyday applications is paramount. No need to reinvent the “wheel”, just make it better! 


Here is a thought…..? If we pay more attention to the practical and responsible way to design products that keep plastic bags off the highways and byways and in a dispenser designed by Pak-n-Sak, then we can all rest assured that we are doing our job to not only protect our environment, but properly manage the waste that will most assuredly be an ongoing responsibility we all must share throughout our lifetimes.


Remember, whether it’s in the home, office, auto, exercising your pet, lunch bag, or anywhere you use plastic bags to dispose of trash…

you need a Pak-n-Sak Dispenser.  

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All products were designed and engineered in Chattanooga, TN.

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All products designed by Pak•n•Sak utilize the power of Parametric Technologies CREO Software.

Patented System

USPO 10,106,318